Consumer & Custom Publications

Artemis Communications’ Custom & Consumer Publications is our magazine arm and produces both custom print and digital magazines and publications for our clients, as well as our own stable of consumer websites and magazines.

What is Custom Publishing?

Custom publishing is about delivering your messages in an engaging, informative and entertaining way. Gone are the days when custom magazines were simply brochures on steroids.Instead, today’s custom magazines are produced much like consumer titles, with a focus on great editorial that engages a client’s audiences, informs them of the company’s developments, passions and philosophies, and entertains readers, so that the line between custom and consumer content becomes almost indistinguishable.

Custom Publishing…

  • Takes your talking points, your identity, your stories and your news and developments, and shapes all that fundamental information into a format that’s easier to consume.
  • Is about creating a dialogue with, and ultimately a response from, your target audiences. 
  • Is very cost effective – Artemis Communications can produce an entire bespoke magazine for the price of a single ad in some publications 
  • Offers a narrative that’s more entertaining, more informative and more refined than any advertisement in a magazin 
  • Is selling your product or service by not selling it
  • Puts the power of the narrative back in your hands and not in the hands of pay-to-play dominated media
  • Offers an average of 25 minutes exposure to relevant audiences, compared to 30 second for TV ads (at a far higher cost); 20 seconds for radio ads, 8 seconds for billboards, and 5 seconds for online ads 
  • Leads to more loyalty and engagement, with almost 50% of readers actively engaging with brands after reading a custom publication, due to its lasting impact
  • Avoids the ‘clash of the competitors’, meaning you have an audience all to yourself rather than appearing in a conventional magazine potentially filled with your competitors.